New to Food Allergies? Start here.

The aftershock of a food allergy diagnosis can be crippling. You might be wondering, “What am I going to feed my kid?!” Here is my advice for surviving the first week.

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New to food allergies?

What is EoE?

Parents of children with Food Allergies should become familiar with the symptoms of EoE, a chronic disease that is more prevalent for FA kiddos.

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EoE in kids with food allergies

Welcome to the Teal Table Blog

After years of learning and adapting to food allergies and EoE, I have some things to share. Some will make your life easier, some will give you hope, and some will make you laugh. From diagnosis to allergy is all here! 

medical mom blog-Could be worse

Has someone told you this? Or are you saying it to yourself?

…but it could be worse.

Food Allergies

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