Have you ever noticed things feel a lot lighter when we share our stories?

Each food allergy and EoE parent has a different story. However, we all have one common goal: We want our kids to be safe within our communities. We want others to know what our families go through. We want to be heard, understood, and supported. These products are meant to start conversations, both with others in the food allergy/EoE community and complete strangers that are not aware! 
Start the conversations, grow your community one conversation at a time. 
They need to know:
Food allergies are tough....but so are we.

The Teal Table

32 M

Americans with
Food Allergies

1 in 13

Children in the US diagnosed with food allergies

3 min. 

Every 3 min. someone is admitted to ER for food allergies
Your people are out there. You just need to find them! 

First 3 facts obtained from FARE. “Facts and Statistics.” Food Allergy Research & Education, https://www.foodallergy.org/resources/facts-and-statistics. 

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