It All Began with a reaction to peanuts. 

As someone that ate her body weight in Reeses PB eggs at Easter time...I was lost when my daughter was diagnosed with an anaphylactic Peanut Allergy. Then came many more food allergies...then came a GI disease (EoE) diagnosis. 
Since then, my other daughter was also diagnosed with food allergies and EoE. I have learned how to live on an elimination diet long-term.

Checking food labels. Making videos with my kids. Brainstorming ways to support and advocate for our food allergic and EoE kids. Flying to CA for my youngest daughter's food allergy treatment! 


Blaming ourselves for our kid's food allergies. Putting up with doctors and care team members that suck. Food allergy shame.


Honest, real conversations about what our families go though at each stage of food allergies and/or EoE. 


My superpower is connecting and supporting Food Allergy/EoE parents through tips, conversations, and laughter.  If I can prevent one parent from ugly-crying at Whole Foods whilst cursing at food labels (like I did after diagnosis), I will be a happy lady. 

There is a massive learning curve when it comes to adjusting and living with food allergies and food avoidance. However, if my family can do it, I know you can too. It will take some time and I can't guarantee there will not be tears. However, food allergies/EoE are tough...but so are you. 

Want to know a secret? You can feed your allergy or EoE kiddo easy, quick allergy-free meals that do not require a ton of really weird and really expensive ingredients. The more time and money you spend on a dish...the more your kids will hate it (at least in my experience).

I have lots of big plans for this project. First, I really want to start conversations between food allergy and EoE moms. Secondly, I want to advocate for our food-allergic kiddos by starting conversations with moms that do not have experience with food allergies. There is power in our stories and they are worth telling. 

My Favorite Things

Spending time with the fam-bam. I am consistenly amazed how awesome my kids are regardless of allll the medical stuff. They are happy, sassy, and hilarious. 

We are pretty much obsessed with this amazing allergy-safe cookie dough! It is my go-to for class parties. That is, if I don't eat all the dough beforehand. 

my guilty pleasure

Southern California Food Allergy Institute. Jenna is currently enrolled in the program. This treatment plan has given our family something we were really nervous we would never have: HOPE! Although nervous, we are so happy to be a part of the SoCal treatment! 

Join in on the fun!