Food Allergies

A quick and allergy-safe treat!

April 8, 2022

A quick and easy food-allergy-safe dessert that can be modified for your family!

I'm Lauren

Navigating food allergies can be pretty difficult at first. This blog serves as a guide for parents of children with food allergies.  Food allergy moms have a lot to worry about. Being alone on this journey is not one of them! 


Sometimes you need a quick dessert recipe in a pinch. For example, when you find out 2 hours before school starts, someone is bringing unsafe treats and you need to send in a decent dessert for your kiddo.

This is SO easy to make and can be super versatile. For some events, you can add safe icing and sprinkles. You can also mold them into cupcakes or cake-pop-shaped treats.

My safe Crispie Bars are based on the original recipe. However, we make sure all the ingredients are safe and we swap coconut oil (solid, not liquid) for the butter. Easy, peasy. Once you get used to the recipe and the consistency, like me, you can adjust amounts to make smaller batches. However, I always have to make very large batches for family gatherings because everyone, including those without food allergies, loves these things.

*NOTE*-Be sure to get a brand of Rice cereal that is Gluten Free. The leading brand is NOT but many off-brands have the Gluten-Free label. Also, many marshmallows include beef. Be sure to check for safety there if you are concerned about a beef allergy. Always call the manufacturer or ask your allergist when in doubt.


3 tbs. Coconut Oil

5 1/2 Cup Safe Marshmallows

6 Cups GF Rice Cereal (leading brand is not GF, be sure to check!)

-Melt Coconut oil in a large pan, add marshmallows and stir until all melted.

-Add GF Rice Cereal, ensure all of the cereal is coated with coconut oil/marshmallow mixture.

-Pour into greased (I use a papertowel with coconut oil) pan or silicone mold.

After they have cooled down, you can add safe toppings, such as icing, sprinkles, and dairy-free chocolate chips.

Great subsitution for birthday cake!

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I'm Lauren, your new Food Allergy mom friend.

My great grandmother made sure I had her peanut butter cookie recipe memorized before the age of 10. Good southern food was part of my upbringing.  NOW, I am the mother of two daughters with severe food allergies and a GI disease. That means cooking without eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. I can remember thinking, 'What am I going to feed a kid that is allergic to everything?!?'. However, after years of my youngest being on the elimination diet...I can assure you, living with food allergies is doable. 

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Please note: I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. Always follow your child's doctor's advice. Always read food labels as ingredients can and do change from time to time. 

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