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A food allergy diagnosis can be isolating. Your whole life is changing and (as if you didn't need more) the mom anxiety is at an 11. I would love to be your food allergy mom friend! Food allergies are tough...but so are we. 

You need a
food allergy mom friend.  


Take a deep breath, you got this

We certainly did not plan on adding food allergies to the parenting mix. But here we are, fighting to keep our kiddos safe. 

Connection, support, and community for food allergy parents. 

Food allergies are tough.
But so are you. 

I'm Lauren, your new Food Allergy mom friend.

My great grandmother made sure I had her peanut butter cookie recipe memorized before the age of 10. Good southern food was part of my upbringing.  NOW, I am the mother of two daughters with severe food allergies and a GI disease. That means cooking without eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts. I can remember thinking, 'What am I going to feed a kid that is allergic to everything?!?'. However, after years of my youngest being on the elimination diet...I can assure you, living with food allergies is doable. 

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